Bohdan Hirnyy was born in Ternopil, Ukraine. At the age of nineteen, he graduated from four-year State Art College in the city of Lvov, with B.S. in Design in Sculpture. During the next two years he served in military, while also working as sculptor and designer on a historical museum. After completing military service he returned to his native city, where he worked at the Art Factory as a sculptor and a mold maker for twelve years. During this time B. Hirnyy was engaged in numerous projects, assignments, and with other sculptors created a number of monuments. Most notable were "Taras Shevchenko,” "Mother Protector” and "Awaiting Mother.”

Thirteen years of hard work sharpened B. Hirnyy skills and he enrolled at the Ukrainian Academy of Arts in Kiev. He studied in the workshops of the greatest national sculptors and professors, such as M.K. Vronsky, V.A. Chepelyk, W.W. Shvecov and V. Borodai. During this time B. Hirnyy designed a series of monuments and was the originator of other respected works. Among some of his projects were a memorial plaque dedicated to the fallen solders in Afghanistan, restoration of marble statue "Mother of God,” and creation of sculptured gravestone "Jesus Christ.” In collaboration with W.D. Hohol was created sculpture "Mother” and monument "In Memory to Victims of Stalin’s Repressions.”

B. Hirnyy graduated from the Academy with M.A. in Fine Arts with excellent grades in 1993. He was recommended for post graduate studies and three years later he graduated from Ukrainian Academy of Arts with Ph.D. in Fine Arts in Sculpture. B. Hirnyy worked on dozens of projects and took active part in domestic and international exhibits organized by the Artist’s Association and the Ministry of Culture of Ukraine. Hirnyy’s diploma work "Requiem” was proposed to be placed at the grave sites of poets W. Stus, J. Lytwyn and O. Tychy by the National Examination Commission of Ukraine.

In 1996, Bohdan Hirnyy immigrated to United States where he worked for a number of companies. While being employed by the Architectural Molded Composites, Inc, he worked on the molded works outside of the building on the corner of Broadway and 42nd St in New York. B. Hirnyy did model sculpting of a chandelier for the Board of Education building in Albany, NY. For the Drexel University in Philadelphia, PA he did model designs for the outside of the building. He also worked on projects for churches and synagogues, and numerous architectural and sculpting projects for private residences.

B. Hirnyy has been employed by the EverGreen Painting Studios, Inc since 2006. There he worked on a number of large projects such as St. Thomas Aquinas University Chapel in Santa Paula, CA, Granada Theater in Santa Barbara, CA, Saint Patrick Church, PA, Emerson College Paramount Theater, Boston, MA and on sculpting of the lion for the fountain for Venetian Casino in Macao, China.

Currently Bohdan Hirnyy engages in what he does the best – creating sculptures and paintings.
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Bohdan Hirnyy was born in Ternopil, Ukraine.
Graduated from Lviv State Collage with Bachelor in Decorative and Applied Arts.
In 1993 completed Ukrainian National Academy of Arts with Master`s in Sculpture.
In 1996 earned Ph.D. and the status of Doctor of Arts.